branch 2017


Full Week Intensive (37 hours) - $350.00

The Awakened Body - Brian Solomon ONLY (10 hours) - $90.00

response/relationship - Heidi Strauss ONLY (10 hours) - $90.00

touch the floor - Mikaela Demers ONLY (10 hours) - $90.00

*All classes offered at a drop in rate of $20.00-$25.00 paid on day of class*

**A 50% deposit fee is due by the time registration closes on Friday, June 30th for full intensive participants**

***The remaining fee is due when checking in Monday, July 17th before 9 am***

Class Descriptions

The Awakened Body - Brian Solomon

The class aims to turn on all of the body’s senses, discovering a state from which the body can move that is ‘awakened’.  This ‘awakened-state’ is the place from which our bodies are intended to move. It’s where economy of effort and peak performance are the same. This state is achieved by first raising our awareness of how our body and its functions have become colonized in our lifetimes; colonized by the jobs we work, our notions of gender, the concrete we live in and so on. From this state of consciousness, we will investigate maximizing the body’s abilities. 

We awaken all our senses in the warm up – paying particular attention to the functions of the senses we don’t normally associate with movement.  We tap into the body’s instinctive awareness of semiotics as one large communicating body.  Our bodies are ancient, and we are meant to be in communication with this.

 We find shapes in the body through semiotics.

 We jump without impact.

 We cut like a knife without cracking the handle.

 The class progresses to exciting, ‘awakened-virtuosic’ and boundary-pushing movement phrases that will leave you feeling heavily worked while maintaining a vessel to last you 200 hundred years. We will create a substantial choreography collectively in this way. Traditional, Pow Wow, Martial Arts, Release, Street Dance and Classical forms are all commonly drawn from within the class.  

response/relationship - Heidi Strauss

This workshop looks at interpretation through a series of experiments; we will play with different physical and interpretive approaches to structured movement, allowing each dancer to be able to make individual choices and split-second decisions. Using this sense of internal/personal response to physical tasks, we will then collaborate with partners to create short sequences/structures as a way to explore our capacity for responsiveness in the development of physical relationships.

Extended Phrase - Lauren foy

This class is for advanced dancers with experience in modern and contemporary movement. After a thorough warm up, dancers will learn challenging phrases that are both emotionally and physically demanding. Fast paced, athletic and organic.

Improvisation - megan english

This class is an invitation to play and explore. It is an opportunity to rediscover the impulse to move and listen a little deeper to the body’s cues. We will honour the individuality of our moving selves and get inside and outside of our movement tendencies. While contacting the present moment, we will test different access points to movement development, progression, and creation. Within our own pace and comfort, we will open to the richness of attention, sensation and imagination and enjoy all expressive qualities of movement. With play as our guide, we will consider the application of the elements of dance from moment to moment and reflect on the practice of improvisation as both a source for movement and a performance practice.

touch the floor - mikaela demers

touch the floor is a class that helps dancers to establish and grow their relationship with the floor. The class will begin with some supportive physical training to assist with the upper body with attention to increasing physical strength and injury prevention. The rest of the class will focus on how to negotiate contact and travel in contact with the floor through "giving in" (muscle release and engagement), pushing and pulling, stacking the body effectively, and transitions to and from the floor.