branch2018 offers 17.5 hours of physical practise, 26 hours of creative process, 6.5 hours of community events, 2 site-specific performance opportunities, full access to 4 physically diverse faculty members, 1 free communal meal and an enormous amount of MAGIC!

Registration Options :

Full Week EVERYTHING - $350.00
Kate Nankervis ONLY - $100.00
Matjash Mrozewski ONLY - $100.00
Brian Solomon ONLY - $100.00
Valerie Calam ONLY - $100.00

Dropping in available to morning physical practise sessions ONLY:
Kate Nankervis DROP IN - $20.00
Matjash Mrozewski DROP IN - $20.00


- 50% deposit fee is due in a week of registration -

- Remaining tuition is due upon checking in Monday, July 16th before 9 am - 

Class Descriptions

The Awakened Body - Brian Solomon

The class aims to turn on all of the body’s senses, discovering a state from which the body can move that is ‘awakened’.  This ‘awakened-state’ is the place from which our bodies are intended to move. It’s where economy of effort and peak performance are the same. This state is achieved by first raising our awareness of how our body and its functions have become colonized in our lifetimes; colonized by the jobs we work, our notions of gender, the concrete we live in and so on. From this state of consciousness, we will investigate maximizing the body’s abilities. 

We awaken all our senses in the warm up – paying particular attention to the functions of the senses we don’t normally associate with movement.  We tap into the body’s instinctive awareness of semiotics as one large communicating body.  Our bodies are ancient, and we are meant to be in communication with this.

 We find shapes in the body through semiotics.

 We jump without impact.

 We cut like a knife without cracking the handle.

 The class progresses to exciting, ‘awakened-virtuosic’ and boundary-pushing movement phrases that will leave you feeling heavily worked while maintaining a vessel to last you 200 hundred years. We will create a substantial choreography collectively in this way. Traditional, Pow Wow, Martial Arts, Release, Street Dance and Classical forms are all commonly drawn from within the class.  

Channeling the Hyper (Self) Power - Kate Nankervis

Channeling the Hyper (Self) Power is a dance class. It is an approach to preparing the dancing body for alertness, virtuosity, efficient patterns and sustainability. Through a series of movement explorations we incorporate somatic and energetic potentialities by tuning into our body’s internal dimensions and it’s fleshy materiality. We will produce shape and form and consider external aesthetics of the dancing body. We will practice repetition, exhaustion and trance like energies to stimulate a clear focus for the most technical and precise demands of the virtuosity. We will practice presence and perceptions for the performing body.

We will celebrates creativity, improvisation and individual movement approaches, we will dance, play, sweat!

Fun-Friday Ballet Class - every day of the week - Matjash Mrozewski

This class will be a relaxed but invigorating ballet-based technique class to catchy sounds courtesy of my iTunes library.  As well as warming and limbering you up, I will focus on form, coordination of upper and lower body, rapid transfers of weight, and musicality. I concentrate on quality of movement and intention over number of spins or height of leg. I aim to build an awareness of the full body filling up space as you dance, full of breath, confidence and ease. 

 Proposal to piece - Valerie Calam

 Creating a dance work through score based practices in combination with a personalized method I use for choreography that investigates state, movement generating ideas or images while trying to be constantly compositional. The work of it is it—and when a group of people are attentive to this process the result is an abstract dance that reveals relationship and decision-making in the moment.