About Us

branch is a contemporary dance intensive for pre-professional, emerging and professional dancers, choreographers and teachers in Northern Ontario. The intensive aims to provide training and an alternative learning experience for dance students from the age of 15 to the teachers and choreographers who lead the dance community in Sudbury.  branch explores dance through a range of classes, workshops, and creative processes. The week provides rigorous training that maintains the high standards of physicality and creativity that has been cultivated in Northern Ontario, while presenting a faculty of teachers who lead classes and push our concept of what contemporary dance is today.




branch, the name of Sudbury's summer dance intensive, is based on the image of a tree. Much like the roots of a tree, the dance community in Sudbury is aware and proud of its heritage. Northern Ontario dancers are connected to the people, geography and way of life that contribute to who they are along side the art form of dance. This summer intensive aims to be one of the many branches that reach into the larger dance community, creating opportunities and sharing knowledge that has been learned from somewhere else in the world and brought home to meet the needs and interests of the Sudbury Dance Community.